Life at Indue

Life at Indue is characterised by four key pillars: a shared vision, our team mentality, an unwavering professional excellence and permission to dream.

A shared vision

We recognise that our inherent strength comes from the integration of our settlement and software offers. We share a common purpose – to service our clients and create powerful payment platforms. To achieve this vision and better service our clients, we are committed to developing our thinking, products and software solutions to meet both known and future requirements.

A team mentality

Adopting a team mentality, we work in unison and with the same client-centred outcome in mind. We collaborate on client challenges and put forward only fully integrated solutions. Team work is what helps us deliver our business strategy, cement client loyalty and continue our growth into new markets.

Professional excellence

Because we always seek to tailor client solutions, we never over-complicate our approach. Rather than making assumptions, we listen to our clients to determine the exact nature of their needs and expectations. That helps us pitch our offer at the right level, right from the start.

Permission to dream

Intelligent, informed risk-taking is what helps us stretch ourselves and our clients. To encourage this, we work in an environment that gives us the permission to take carefully measured risks. We are free to use our professional judgement. While operating in a regulated and compliance-driven environment, we are free to think and dream what’s possible.