As part of the Australian Government’s Cashless Debit Card program, people who receive certain Centrelink payments will have part of their money paid into an account that has restrictions in place to prevent the purchase of alcohol, participation in gambling activities or withdrawal of cash. The Account and the associated Cashless Debit Card are issued by Indue in connection with the Cashless Debit Card program.

Cardholders can use their online account to check their balance, view transactions , transfer funds, pay bills via BPAY and schedule payments. The cashless debit card can be used to buy anything other than restricted items from stores that accept Visa or eftpos as well as online at approved merchants.



Once cardholders have activated their Cashless Debit Cards, they can use it in any store that accepts Visa or eftpos cards, unless that store sells alcohol or gambling products.


Online Account Login

Click here to access your account online. View transactions, check account balance, transfer money, schedule payments and pay bills via BPAY.



The Cashless Debit Card looks and operates like a normal debit card and will work at all merchants accepting Visa or eftpos. The card cannot be used to buy alcohol and gambling products, or to withdraw cash.

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