Internet Transfer Funds Restrictions

Internal Transfers

There are no limits for internal transfers apart from the daily transfer limit of $10,000.

External Transfers

Approved Payment Category Transfer Limit
Housing Payments $0 per month
Other Expenses $200 month

If you have any private rental arrangements in place or mortgage repayment obligations, you should contact the Department of Social Services on 1800 252 604 to discuss the options available to you, which may include DSS instructing Indue to increase the transfer limit for “Housing Payments” to allow you to pay your rent.

In addition to the limits and restrictions set out in the Internet Transfer Funds Restriction List, on the instruction of the Department of Social Services we may impose additional restrictions on your ability to transfer funds using the Internet Transfer Facility or conversely increase any limits. If you believe that the periodic transfer limits will cause you financial hardship (for example if the limit would prevent you from paying your rent or your mortgage) then you should contact the Department of Social Services who will consider your individual circumstances when deciding whether to increase the limit. In the event we do impose any additional restrictions (or increase any existing limits) either Indue or the Department of Social Services will write to you advising you of the change.