Blocked and Excluded Merchants

Blocked and excluded merchants by MCC (merchant category codes)

This list is of merchants that are automatically blocked by their merchant category code (MCC). Merchants with these codes will not be able to accept the cashless debit card. A MCC is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides. MCCs are assigned by merchant type (e.g. one for hotels, one for office supply stores, etc.) or by merchant name.

Blocked and Excluded Merchants

This list shows merchants that have been blocked or excluded from accepting the cashless debit card in their store. Some merchants that sell prohibited goods are still able to accept the cashless debit card in store as specific terminals that sell prohibited items have been blocked.

Please note: Your cashless debit card can be used at any physical business or store that accepts a VISA debit card, provided that business does not sell alcohol, gambling products or gift cards and IS NOT on the excluded or blocked merchant or blocked MCC table.

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