FAQs Nucleus Changes

Questions about these changes – Release 18.1

How do these changes affect me?

A summary is provided below.

  • Nucleus Real-Time Transaction Synchronisation
    Customers who would like to use this new feature will need to build a compliant endpoint by following the instructions in this document: Nucleus Transaction Sync API Documentation 18.1.pdf.
  • Pending Transactions Extract
    This document will provide details: Nucleus Data Extracts Specification 18.1.pdf
  • New Update Entity Debit API Method
    The updated specification defines how to use this new method: Nucleus Debit Card RESTful API Documentation, 18.1.pdf
  • Serial Number in MIS Extract
    If you have a Credit Product the new serial number column will be blank. For Debit and Prepaid products, this document will provide details: Nucleus Data Extracts Specification 18.1.pdf
  • Merchant and Store Transaction Reporting
    If you have card product with the Spending Restriction with Approved Terminal List option enabled, you will see Merchant and Store information in the Transaction Detail Report generated from the Client Administration UI.
  • Breakage Reporting
    We have enhanced the existing breakage report. You can access the report the same way you did before.

Will these changes break anything?

Indue has performed extensive regression testing to ensure that these changes do not cause any disruption to existing Nucleus functionality.

Do I have to make any changes at my end to enable these changes or accommodate them in any way?

If you need to make changes, Indue will provide you with copies of updated specifications and other documents. Please refer to section above: How do these changes affect me?

How do I get this?

We will make this release available to you for Nucleus Prepaid User Acceptance Testing environments in the last week of February.

Where can I go to access the Nucleus Release Notes 18.1?

Click here to locate.