Building the New Payments Platform for Australia

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Top 5 business benefits of using Tokenisation technology

More smartphone users, easy-to-access loyalty programs and a shift from magnetic strips to mobile wallets, Australia’s mobile payments industry is continuously evolving. As these new payment experiences improve, so must... Read More

Visa improves connectivity between banks and technology innovators

Visa has recently partnered with Google to launch the Visa Digital Enablement Program. The new service builds on the company’s token technology, which has evolved to include a commercial framework... Read More

Top 7 conversations to foster innovation

As Head of Innovation and Digital Change at PwC Australia, Kate Eriksson specialises in digital and mobile technologies. Her vast international experience spans from start-ups to large corporates including Google,... Read More

John Tait: Finance and technology industry insights

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What’s new with Visa Checkout?

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2015 Church Funds Summit

2015 Church Funds Summit Challenge, Change, Opportunity! Thanks to all the delegates who attended, Church Funds Summit is now closed for 2015. We look forward to seeing you again for... Read More

What retail disruption means for the payments industry

Former Myer CEO Bernie Brookes’ recent presentation at the Indue Leadership Forum gave the payments industry an insider’s perspective on current disruptive trends. What does retail disruption mean for the... Read More