First Data’s John Tait joins Indue to accelerate growth

Indue’s business transformation triggers Tait’s decision

Indue Limited, a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, has signalled its intent for further market growth by securing star recruit John Tait – the former Managing Director of First Data.

Mr Tait will join the Indue team in the role of Executive Director Strategic Development and Distribution from February 2015, after having been instrumental to First Data’s success in the four years he led its Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Indue CEO Manuel Garcia said the appointment marked a further high note in what had already been a highly successful period of business transformation and growth.

“Our business strategy has been necessarily bold – focusing on the delivery of innovative payment solutions both here and overseas. We are experts in payment, always looking at opportunities with fresh eyes and asking simple questions that often unlock opportunities for our customers. It is this pragmatic approach to business that is creating unprecedented demand for our products and services,” Mr Garcia said.

“The success of our strategy has transformed us and created a dynamic and progressive culture giving us the ability to not only retain, but attract top-quality talent to the business. The fact that our business transformation story has inspired an industry expert of John’s calibre to join Indue is testament to our success – and very satisfying.”

Mr Tait said that Indue’s business transformation and growth trajectory had been key factors in his decision to embark on a new chapter in an already well-established and successful career in the financial sector.

“Indue is an outstanding success story. Over the last 10 years it has transformed itself from a conservative payments provider with a narrow offering, to a diversified supplier of innovative payment solutions with appeal to a broad market both here and overseas. Increasingly large organisations are turning to innovators like Indue to deliver innovations more efficiently and quicker than they can do themselves,” Mr Tait said.

“The leadership team is progressive, with a keen eye for business opportunities. This makes them an exciting team to work with and I look forward to joining them and building on the already impressive success.”

Mr Tait will join Indue with 19 years’ experience, including 6 years with the National Australia Bank’s global payments division, in addition to a total of 13 years with First Data. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Sydney Graduate School of Management.

Mr Tait will be based at the company’s new Sydney offices in Chatswood – a purpose-built innovation centre designed to harness collaboration between our staff and our customers, and encourage creative thinking within an open and dynamic environment.


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