Indue Leadership Forum Speaker Profile: Al Jeffery, Millennial Entrepreneur

Al Jeffery is a 20-year old “conscious” entrepreneur from Melbourne. He is a speaker, visionary and is described as a creative facilitator of personal and social transformation.

He began his journey at just 12 years old and has been involved in many startups, social businesses and projects. Ranging from an online guitar accessories and music store raising money for the Australian Orangutang Project, to his social clothing brand Dewalio, Al is now building a global event series, ONEWorld Summit; an ecosystem of organisations for collective progress.

At 11 years of age, while watching Jumanji with his brother on the television, Al become confused and got a spark of inspiration after seeing a World Vision advertisement for sponsoring children. This sparked Al’s journey into discovering how – as humanity – we could allow ourselves to get to this point and what the crux of this all is. He believed there was a root cause to our current situation and that if he focussed on this he could facilitate the shifting of economical, social and environmental systems. Combining his extensive knowledge into human behaviour, psychology and social ecology with lean entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing, he has carved out a rather powerful journey for himself.

Over the years, Al has gained recognition for his impact and insightful entrepreneurial knowledge, from being listed as one of Anthill Magazine’s Top “30Under30” Entrepreneurs, to being featured on Channel 7 News. He has also been featured many times in other Australian and global media on topics such as social entrepreneurship, collaboration, innovation and behavioural change.

In 2014, Al was asked to speak at TEDxYouth@MileHigh in Denver, Colorado where he shared his vision for his current ventures Onely, Inc. and the ONEWorld Summit Series which have now been recognised and endorsed by many as a result.

At Indue’s Leadership Forum: The Art of Thinking Differently, Al will explore the future of technology, culture, work and life.

Indue’s annual Leadership Forum: The Art of Thinking Differently is being held in Sydney on 1–3 June 2016. Please click here for the full agenda and registration details. If you have any queries, please contact Elizabeth Flynn on 07 3258 4265 or email

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