Indue Leadership Forum Speaker Profile: Bernard Salt, Partner at KPMG

Bernard Salt, partner at KPMG, is one of the most well-known writers, media personalities, and business advisors in Australia. Used to large crowds and the cameras, Bernard has the uncanny ability to explain even the most complex ideas in a way that everyone in the room can understand.

In business, Bernard’s specialties lie in tracking and understanding demographic and social changes in his country of origin and the rest of the world, including the United States, New Zealand, and Asia.

He focuses on the evolution of consumer cultures, how the most recent generation will fit into today’s business world, and how companies can get the most out of their customer base and employees.
Bernard Salt works regularly as a columnist for The Australian and Wish magazines, and has authored two books, The Big Shift: Welcome to the Third Australian Culture and The Big Picture.

He routinely appears as a commentator on a variety of television shows in both Australia and the US, including Business Sunday, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, Today Tonight, Today Show, and Nightline.

Bernard’s unique skill is to take the latest data and transfer this into a highly entertaining, very informative and above all else extremely relevant presentation on what the future environment will be for both businesses and individuals.

At Indue’s Leadership Forum: The Art of Thinking Differently, Bernard will be speaking about the current business forecast, and how understanding future trends and demographics can help businesses stay one step ahead.

Indue’s annual Leadership Forum: The Art of Thinking Differently is being held in Sydney on 1–3 June 2016. Please click here for the full agenda and registration details. If you have any queries, please contact Elizabeth Flynn on 07 3258 4265 or email

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