Indue Leadership Forum speaker profile: Gus Balbontin, former Executive Director of Lonely Planet

As Chief Technology Officer at Lonely Planet, Gus Balbontin was instrumental in moving the brand’s publishing systems into the digital space.

As part of his Executive Director role with Lonely Planet he masterminded and led the most significant restructure in Lonely Planet’s history – reducing headcount without impacting revenues and putting the company back in the black after decades of struggle.

He also launched e-books, apps, improved membership in the oldest standing travel forum by 50 percent and brought the company from millions of dollars in losses to back on its feet.

Together with a team of extraordinary people he shifted 500 years of momentum in the book industry, and 40 years of intertia in the business to re-invent the speed of content, the speed of product creation, and the agile mindset of what is now a travel-technology company and no longer just a book business.

He has worked closely with some of the biggest companies in the world, developing cutting edge technology and products including Google X, Nokia, Apple, Amazon and more.

At Indue’s Leadership Forum: Disruption & Transformation, Gus will give a technologically-savvy perspective of the challenges that come with innovation, technology, business transformation and the human condition.

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Indue’s annual Leadership Forum: Disruption & Transformation is being held in Sydney 27–29 May. To register or for further information please contact Elizabeth Flynn on 07 3258 4265 or email

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