Indue Leadership Forum speaker profile: Kate Eriksson, Head of Innovation and Digital Change, PwC

Kate is an expert in the enormous benefits that digital innovations can make to our lives, and how we can work with individuals and companies to fast track their digital transformation.

Kate specialises in digital and mobile technologies with international experience that spans from start-ups to large corporates including Google, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Ericsson. In her leadership role at PwC Australia, Kate advises companies on how they can drive growth through digital innovation and incorporate design thinking to projects.

Throughout her career, Kate has delivered advice, insights and management to an array of industry sectors – including banking, finance, IT, government and media – in order to transform business outcomes and promote beneficial customer experiences.

Most recently, Kate was instrumental in establishing and co-directing the AT&T Foundry in Silicon Valley: an innovation centre for venture capitalists, developers and start-ups to help commercialise digital applications and services that will benefit people, business and society.

Kate has developed new services and strategies between telecoms, media and internet players such as Google, Skype and Twitter. This included harnessing Google location data to develop a broker model and connect two billion consumers with internet services, enabling Twitter’s SMS capability. Kate was also part of the team responsible for first allowing Skype on mobile devices.

At Indue’s Leadership Forum: Disruption & Transformation, Kate will discuss the vision and investment required to bring digital opportunities to fruition and her predictions for Australia’s digital future.

Indue’s annual Leadership Forum: Disruption & Transformation is being held in Sydney 27–29 May. To register or for further information please contact Elizabeth Flynn on 07 3258 4265 or email

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