New Payments Platform Phase 5 Update

New Payments Platform – Phase 5 – Indue Update

NPP has reached Phase 5 in its development encompassing industry testing and implementation.

The Indue Program team continues to make progress to plan with solo testing and further deployment of basic infrastructure. Indue has orchestrated end to end messages and has successfully settled transactions through RBA’s Faster Settlement Service and has connected to our Core Banking providers.

Indue is one of the initial participants to Buddy Testing having met the entry requirements.  Indue has completed certification of 3 of the 8 Industry Solo ‘Core’ Testing category types.  Buddy Testing will now be the key focus involving all industry participants and early Institutional adopters. Indue continues to progress in line with the broader industry and remains confident of meeting the next two major Industry milestones for the completion of the remaining 17 Solo Testing Categories and Buddy Testing respectively.


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