BPAY Group – The reinvention of BPAY payments

BPAY Group is in an exciting phase of growth. John Banfield took the reins as CEO two and a half years ago with a charter for change, and he hasn’t disappointed.

The three-pronged strategy guiding the BPAY Group starts with a reinvention of BPAY Payments product to continue sustainable growth. BPAY remains the leading choice for bill payments, with 41% of Australians saying they prefer to use BPAY to pay their household bills (RFi Payments Diary 2017).

Human Centred Design has been introduced as a practice within BPAY Group to build innovation into the core BPAY product, initially focussing on the needs of SMEs. BPAY BatchMaker is one outcome of that process, which is currently in pilot with quickbooks. A number of companies are connected using BPAY BatchMaker to automate the process of batch payments through quickbooks across four bank formats.

The second pillar is striving to drive payments growth across the New Payments Platform. BPAY is on track to make Osko by BPAY available to participant financial institutions when the New Payments Platform infrastructure is switched on later this year. Customers should start to experience what it means to have 24/7 transaction processing between the participating banks in early 2018 as financial institutions begin to roll out the service. Osko product and marketing materials are available now. If you would like more information about marketing Osko please email communications@indue.com.au

And the third pillar is investigating new growth initiatives. By the end of 2017 we plan to have a strong investment case for developing at least one new product.

BPAY Group continues the approach of being available to work with you directly on the marketing of both BPAY and Osko. In fact, BPAY is running a competition towards the end of 2017 for people to win hundreds of dollars, which you may like to share with your customers.

If you would like to run a marketing campaign with BPAY Group please email communications@indue.com.au

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