Top 7 conversations to foster innovation

As Head of Innovation and Digital Change at PwC Australia, Kate Eriksson specialises in digital and mobile technologies. Her vast international experience spans from start-ups to large corporates including Google, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Ericsson.

At the Indue Leadership Forum this year, Kate told the audience that she is seeing first hand how disruption and technology are making way for new markets. Her insights in regards to the shifts across industries was particularly interesting.


According to Kate, more than 60% of Australian CEOs expect to be disrupted from outside their industry in the next two to three years. These CEOs also think that technology will be the biggest transforming trend for their business.

But Australia is lagging behind other developing countries in commercialising its innovations.

Although Australians are the fastest adopters of mobile technology, the country’s technology trade deficit is $28 billion.

Kate is positive about the future, and says Australia has the potential to be the most innovative country.

To be innovative, we must look to the future. To predict the future, Kate suggests looking at current trends. Look at how people and society are changing. Where are digital and technology trends heading? How does this affect your business? Explore emerging industries and ecosystems.

New conversations can help us explore the new possibilities, and change the way we get things done. Kate Ericksson’s top 7 conversations to foster innovation:

  1. What is the problem we are solving?
  2. Have you done that like you were a customer?
  3. What would be usual/different/radical?
  4. What are the clichés about us? How might we reverse them?
  5. What did we once assume was impossible?
  6. What would we need to know? How soon could we test that?
  7. How would Spielberg/Jobs/Branson think about this?

Breakthrough innovations begin with what we care about. However, innovation approaches begin first with courage and conversations.

At Indue, we are always exploring the possibilities to be more creative, through continuous innovation and forward thinking. Oftentimes, it’s not the game-changer that’s needed. It’s the adjustment, a new way of looking at an old problem, a fresh approach that makes all the difference. Continuous innovation – no matter how subtle or seemingly incremental – unveils and harnesses often hidden opportunities. Taking elements of what currently exists, but making something new and fit-for-purpose, adds significant value.

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