ATM Deployers

Indue currently provides transaction processing services to a majority of independent ATM deployers Australia-wide. Our cost-effective solution provides switching, settlement and reporting support to help clients own, manage and operate ATMs in desired locations.

We offer our clients interim mid-month payments of direct charge income, with the balance paid at the end of the month, to assist with cash flow management. Additionally, we can automatically calculate and pay merchant rebates on our clients’ behalf. Deployers also have access to Indue Online, a web-based portal that allows our clients to establish an ATM or manage ATM details and chargebacks.

Our ATM deployment solution provides:

  • Next business day settlement to merchant bank accounts
  • Merchant rebates paid direct to merchant bank accounts on first business day of the month
  • Payment of direct charge income mid-month and/or end-of-month
  • Daily Settlement Report and Terminal Transaction Log (including list of non-transacting sites)
  • Monthly Merchant Rebate Summary and Deployer Payment Statement including income / expenses and detailed spreadsheet of ATM transactions.
  • Merchant reports include deployer branding