Wireless connectivity

Indue offers ATM communications utilising muniwire modems and DSL routers. Our muniwire product is a reliable and cost-effective communication solution for ATMs Australia-wide.

Our muniwire modems considerably increase the transaction speed of TCP/IP-capable ATMs, minimising communications errors and improving customer service. To ensure transactions are secure, transaction messages are fully encrypted from end-to-end.

To assist in the day-to-day management of ATMs, muniwire modems allow full access to our clients’ Remote Management System to troubleshoot and download journals in real-time. Indue’s muniwire product is available in three different applications:

  • Wireless TCP/IP connection utilising the Telstra 2G and 3G network
  • DSL TCP/IP connection utilising a new or existing ADSL service
  • Dial Converter Modem which allows older non-IP machines to communicate wirelessly.

All Indue systems, including our connections with Telstra, are fully mirrored for complete failover and disaster recovery. We maintain our systems in-house and off-site at separate data storage and disaster recovery locations to ensure strong security measures are in place.