Indue offers a range of card products to facilitate any type of payment requirement. Whether our clients require credit, debit or prepaid options, Indue can deliver.

Our flagship cards product, Indue’s Card Management System (CMS) is a complete, end-to-end system that supports the issue and management of cards and associated cardholder servicing.

Our CMS comprises core processing functions, client interfaces, web services, data feeds, an IVR server and a loyalty engine. Third-party connectors allow the CMS to communicate with the payments network and entities such as card manufacturers, PIN mailer companies and statement providers.

Latest CMS News

Release 16.3

Verified Auto Top-Up via Direct Debit

Allows approved clients to offer automatic top-ups via direct debit to reloadable prepaid cardholders. This will allow cardholders to automatically top-up their funds from an external account once it drops below an amount specified by the cardholder.

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To ensure that a cardholder is debiting an account that they are authorised to, a verification process has been introduced.  As part of this new verification process, a transaction is sent to the cardholders external account with a verification code included in the transaction description. This verification code is then used to activate their auto top-up.   This feature will be available in the core cardholder site and will provide CMS with a secure method for approved clients to perform an auto top-up via an external account.

BPAY Payer Support via Credit API*

Indue will extend our current CMS credit module APIs to support BPAY payments from a cardholders’ account to a nominated BPAY biller.

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A new method to allow BPAY payments will be added to our existing funds transfer web services, supporting payments to BPAY billers with a valid Customer Reference Number (CRN).  *BPAY payer support has associated BPAY setup and third party costs..

API Integration via Files

In this release, clients can take advantage of integrating with our CMS Prepaid APIs via a file-based connector.  This will work by submitting a formatted file via secure FTP that will be processed with the result returned via a response file that can be downloaded from the same location.

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Clients can still use our standard way of integrating to our API’s using the RESTful model however it will be possible to integrate using files if a client’s technology or security policies limits their ability for a direct integration with our RESTful API’s..