From general-purpose reloadable cards, to the ubiquitous gift card, prepaid cards offer an adaptable and relatively low-cost payment card option. With abundant applications, prepaid cards are increasingly being used to solve complex payment challenges. Indue’s prepaid card solutions can be reliably deployed to tackle any transaction volume or business challenge.

Indue's preferred card scheme partner

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Our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and membership of the eftpos, Visa and Mastercard schemes enable us to support customised program features and tailor a payment solution to meet your requirements. Indue’s end-to-end solution supports clients at every step, including:

  • Card issuing, payment clearing and settlement
  • Platform hosting and transaction processing
  • Application support and development
  • Program maintenance and reporting
  • Account management services
  • Fraud and AML monitoring

Your choice of preferred card solution

Prepaid_single load_prepaid page

Single Load

  • Suitable for Gift card purposes
  • One off purchase needs

Prepaid_reloadable_prepaid page


  • Give your user the flexibility to re-load funds on to the card giving them the ability to keep using their card.

Virtual_Prepaid Page


  • Instant card delivery via digital means. A flexible virtual prepaid card suited to online purchases

Still have some questions?

  1. Q. Can I buy a one off gift card or prepaid card through Indue?
    A. Indue provides issuing, processing and program management services to our clients allowing them to operate their own prepaid card programs. We can certainly assist you to find the appropriate program for your needs or refer you to one of our partners if you’re looking to make a one off purchase of cards.
  2. Q. What are the options available for cardholders to access funds?
    A. Our tailored solutions allow you to choose whether cards will have cashout/ATM access or not, contactless capabilities or are limited to a closed loop environment where the cardholder can only use the card in designated locations or a broader redemption footprint.
  3. Q. What additional program management services do we offer?
    A. Indue are able to provide other services such as Inventory Management, Contact Centre support as well as Fraud & AML monitoring and analytics
  4. Q. Does Indue offer any solutions aside from a physical card solution ie. Wearables?
    A. Indue’s prepaid solutions are form factor agnostic allowing both physical and virtual card programs