BPAY (Payer and Biller)

Using Indue’s BPAY solutions, our clients can offer their customers access to electronic payment and bill collection services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our BPAY offer is underpinned by an efficient back-office operation and extensive communications network. We have been admitted to the BPAY Scheme as a Principal Member. Indue clients using our BPAY service may be admitted to the scheme as an Associate Member (ADI) or Payer Institution Member (non-ADI).


BPAY Payer allows customers to make electronic bill payments directly from cheque, savings or credit card accounts via internet, telephone or mobile banking services. Payments are fast and fully-traceable.


BPAY Biller is a bill collection service specifically designed for business customers who manage large volumes of regular deposits or inward payments.

Indue’s BPAY Biller solution is a proprietary product, which means we can customise our solution and reflect client branding at the customer interface. It also helps protect relationships by providing our clients with complete control over the customer experience.