Indue can facilitate cheque clearances anywhere in Australia on behalf of financial institution clients through our affiliation with Westpac.

Indue has a sponsorship arrangement with Westpac as a Tier 1 member of the Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and as such, can support our clients as Tier 2 members. We can also utilise our existing clearing arrangement with Westpac.

In this way, Indue can settle and provide day-to-day operational support including:

  • Daily settlement of inward and outward chequing transactions
  • Settlement reporting
  • Transaction reporting
  • Cheque reading
  • Cash Cheque Authority establishment
  • Dishonours
  • Image capture.

Indue’s chequing service is an established instrument in the Australian Payments System and can be customised to meet individual requirements. This enables our clients to leverage the strength of their brand and reputation by offering three levels of cheque book customisation:

  • Standard (generic) cheque cover and form designs, as supplied by Indue
  • Personalised covers with standard forms
  • Fully personalised cheque covers and forms.

Our experienced team and established processes provide a cost-effective solution for both small and large organisations.