The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a major banking industry initiative developing new infrastructure for Australian payments. It will provide Australian consumers, businesses and government with a fast, versatile, data-rich payments system for making their everyday payments. The NPP will allow most with Australian bank accounts to make payments in real-time, with close to immediate funds available to the recipients.

Please contact Luke Wilson – Group Executive on (02) 9201 8310 or for information relating to your NPP requirements.

Indue's NPP Expertise: Capabilities and Service Offerings

Indue has over 40 years’ experience in payments and is a founding member of NPP Australia Limited. Indue will provide an industry standard NPP agency gateway (using a globally proven PaaS solution) underpinned by commercial off the shelf technology, ensuring flexibility and ease of connectivity is guaranteed for our clients. Our nimble agency solution connects to NPP using standard ISO20022 messaging format and will offer the Addressing Service, including the ability to map aliases, making real time transfer of payments less administrative.

Indue will be expanding its Financial Crimes capabilities to be inclusive of NPP. Indue’s solution will be developed to provide for real time fraud and sanction detection and AML/CTF reporting across cards, NPP and alternative payment solutions in a multi-channel environment.

Indue, a partner to our agency clients and not a competitor, will offer economically viable overlay and value added services consumable on NPP infrastructure. Direct connection into Indue’s payment gateway will be facilitated by offering a flexible set of APIs across our NPP services (and across all Indue’s services). All Indue’s NPP services are being developed with the end customer in mind. Indue will ensure an improved end user experience by offering a reference data look up tool. An FI will only be able to offer NPP as a payment option to its client if the FI being addressed has the reciprocal overlay service enabled, thereby removing inconvenience.

Project and client support will be given to our clients ensuring easier navigation to the NPP. Indue will act as a liaison point and provide stand-in processing for our agency clients, providing redundancy against issues with downstream client systems, protecting our clients from major technical build out. Indue will manage incoming enquiries with regards to transaction queries and SLA monitoring, all supported by a suite of remote access capabilities to assist with your operational needs.

Settlement processing and liquidity management will be enhanced through Indue’s NPP agency solution. Indue will track our clients’ funding position transaction by transaction. Indue will verify sufficient funds are available and will manage alerts to notify clients when funds are high or running low.

Indue, by virtue of our unique in-house development arm, welcomes the opportunity to partner with organisations in creating future overlay and service offerings for NPP; Indue recognises that in the NPP space one size does not fit all. Through Indue’s representation on all of the NPP steering committees, we can provide direct access to a wealth of subject matter experts to assist with informed decision making.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient, fast payments to friends, family members and colleagues using ‘simple’ address information, such as a mobile phone number or email address.
  • Payment occurs in real time 24 x 7
  • Businesses can develop overlays to harness the power of the NPP eg. pay immediately to a private seller for the purchase of goods, or organise the sale of a car with registration transfer and all finance and vehicle checks on the spot or revolutionise superannuation processing, simplifying contributions, rollovers and benefits.
  • A system to more easily address retail payments to any recipient (including the use of mobile phone numbers and email addresses as proxies for an underlying account)
  • Capacity to send additional data streamlining business processes.

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For Small Business

Gives the ability to send full invoice information and receive full remittance information back from the payer with payment.

Improved cash flow through the receipt of real time irrevocable payments using a phone number as your identifier for incoming payments.



For Corporate

Enjoy better cash flow management and more efficient reconciliation processes such as straight-through processing.

Integration of NPP into your digital experience, creating work flows with real time payments seamlessly embedded.

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For Government

The Government will be able to capitalise on the NPP, with immediate support payments for hardship or disaster, emergency welfare assistance payments, or the coordination of health benefit payments being made available immediately and with rich data included in the transaction flow.

NPP news

New Payments Platform Phase 5 Update

NPP has reached Phase 5 in its development encompassing industry testing and implementation.

The Indue Program team continues to make progress to plan with solo testing and further deployment of basic infrastructure. Indue has orchestrated end to end messages and has successfully settled transactions through RBA’s Faster Settlement Service and has connected to our Core Banking providers.

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