The New Payments Platform (NPP) is an exciting industry initiative that delivers a dynamic new payments infrastructure to meet the growing demands of Australia’s 24/7 digital economy.  It provides Australian consumers with a faster, safer, data-rich payments system for making everyday payments easier. Indue is one of only 8 directly connected participants who have launched. We offer a comprehensive agency solution to get you real-time ready today.

Understanding the New Payments Platform

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a major industry initiative to develop new infrastructure for Australian payments. It provides consumers, businesses and government with faster, simpler, smarter payments.

Indue is shaping the new face of Australian payments through being only 1 of 13 founding members of the NPP initiative, demonstrating the industry’s trust in our payments experience to deliver.

NPP provides an industry tested, payments ready solution encompassing the network, switching and addressing infrastructure to enable the exchange of payments between directly connected participants.

Four organisations  have collaborated with financial institutions to develop the NPP:
  • NPPA: New Payments Platform Australia oversees the build, operation and management of the NPP and is owned by the 13 participating financial institutions of which Indue is one.
  • SWIFT: Appointed the vendor responsible to design, build and operate the Basic Infrastructure (BI).
  • RBA FSS: The RBA’s Fast Settlement Service (FSS) will be the new service of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System (RITS) supporting the settlement of payments from NPP.
  • BPAY: Appointed as the first overlay service to use NPP, known as OSKO. Consumers will be able to access Osko via their FI from launch with payments settled in less than a minute.

How The NPP Could Accelerate Your Business


> Money can be sent and received in less than a minute

> Full transaction record is updated



> PayID is an easier alternative to BSB + Account number

> BSB & Account number still remains an option



> Drive new digital payment experiences across industries to maximise new revenue opportunities




> 24 x 7 x 365 availability

> 280 characters to help explain the payment

  > Optimised for digital channels



> Immediate payment certainty – you’ll know straight away when you’ve received a payment

> Funds are irrevocable

The Indue NPP Solution

Indue is one of only 8 directly connected participants who have launched on Day 1. We offer a comprehensive agency solution to enable our clients to offer NPP, which includes:
  • Offering both Single Credit Transfers (SCT) and BPAY’s Osko Overlay Service 1 (Payments) at industry launch
  • PayID registrations and updates
  • Real time payments clearing and settlement processing
  • Industry standard gateway solution provided by FIS, a global financial services vendor
  • Standard API’s based on the ISO 20022 specification
  • Full case management, operational and technical support
  • Full agency solution for Financial Institutions
  • Real time fraud monitoring using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology
  • Innovation focused roadmap to support corporate clients in gaining access to NPP

For Small Business

Gives the ability to send full invoice information and receive full remittance information back from the payer with payment.

Improved cash flow through the receipt of real time irrevocable payments using a phone number as your identifier for incoming payments.

For Corporate

Enjoy better cash flow management and more efficient reconciliation processes such as straight-through processing.

Integration of NPP into your digital experience, creating work flows with real time payments seamlessly embedded.

For Government

The Government will be able to capitalise on the NPP, with immediate support payments for hardship or disaster, emergency welfare assistance payments, or the coordination of health benefit payments being made available immediately and with rich data included in the transaction flow.


Orion Financial Crimes

Your Security | Our Expertise

With faster payments can come the increased risk of faster fraud. When you partner with Indue, we work with you to integrate our market leading Financial Crimes solution. Orion works to mitigate the risk of real-time fraud. As payments will be transacting faster, the technology required to identify irregular activity must now be far more responsive.

Powered by IBM Safer Payments Platform, the Orion Financial Crimes solution integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to deliver a 24x7x365 Australian based fraud monitoring bureau.

Indue is strongly placed to protect what’s important in your business. Click here to find out more.


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