Government payments

Over the past decade, Indue has worked with public sector entities to deliver smart, cost-effective and reliable payment options. Indue understands the importance of offering a variety of fully customised card payment solutions to meet the specific needs of government departments and agencies. Our payment products operate on a fully functional core banking platform, wholly owned and operated by Indue Limited.

Indue’s payment cards provide our government clients with a simple-to-use, easy-to-issue solution. Our products help clients manage and reduce payment costs by increasing control over spending behaviour (for example, by applying daily spend limits); mitigating exposure to misreporting; and providing useful tracking/auditing features. In many cases, manual purchasing and procurement processes can be modernised and streamlined to provide operational efficiencies; eliminate costly disbursement models; reduce cash handling; implement electronic controls (for example, restricting access to specific ATMs or point-of-sale devices domestically or internationally); and improve overall transparency and security, particularly exposure to fraud.

Prepaid cards can be used by government and public sector organisations to deliver a range of payments to employees or the community, including:

  • Welfare and benefit payments
  • Rebates
  • Grants
  • Emergency and disaster payments
  • Corporate expense
  • Petty cash purchasing
  • Employee rewards
  • Travel and entertainment expense management
  • Payroll
  • Reimbursements.

Additionally, our government clients have the option to select:

  • Payment programs that are widely accepted by merchants (open loop) or restricted to specific merchants (closed loop)
  • An eftpos and/or scheme card (restricting online and/or international transactions)
  • Virtual or physical cards
  • Single load (disposable) or reloadable cards.